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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Garrison Model Shop, Harrow, Middlesex

Katie Pearce - Phillips has written requesting any information about her father, Bill Pearce:


My father Bill Pearce ran The Garrison model soldier shop in Harrow, Middlesex.

I have recently found some black and white photographs, lead soldiers and artillery vehicles from that time and also an article from the Guardian Newspaper in 1972. My mother Mary has spoken very fondly of the days of the business and I can remember as a child carefully wrapping soldiers and putting them in to black or dark red boxes ready to be sent to customers.

Tragically my father died in 1984 from cancer when I was 15 and at that time in my life Greenwood and Ball and the history of my father's shop did not really interest me. However, now that I am older with 2 sons of my own I would so very much like to learn as much as I can about that time in his life from any one who may be able to help me. Any photographs or literature connected with my father would be wonderful to find. I would especially love a photograph of "The Garrison Model Shop" or of course my Dad !

Do you have any further information and do you have contact details for Jack Alexander ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Kind regards

Katie Pearce - Phillips

Monday, February 15, 2010

Discounted Offer "Mixed Boxes"


LAMBETH, LONDON, 1973 – 1986

Due to recent bulk purchase, from the estate of a former collector, the following boxes can be offered at an exceptional discounted price. Some boxes are illustrated on the Soldiers’ Soldiers page of our website. All boxes contain 16 figures, all are in good condition.

These soldiers were collected in the late 70’s by an enthusiastic collector who wanted mixed sets. He was a regular visitor to the Soldier Shop in Kennington Road, Lambeth, (the shop appears as the background to the box liner) and would make up his sets from the single figures that were then available. This form of collecting must be unique and there are no other instances of “mixed” boxes being produced for any other client, or ever resold.

Prices: per box of 16 figures only € 99.00

Postage, packing and insurance, extra, at cost.

The numbering of the boxes refers to the mixture of figures contained in the box. Please refer to the full list of Soldiers’ Soldiers box sets in order to identify the contents.

Therefore 297 / 306 refers to a box of 16 figures in which 8 figures are Sikh bandsmen, and a further 8 are Scots.

See the full list of figures on site


Fig. NoFig. No
3 / Dragoons133 / Dragoons
5 / Lancers134 / 236
16 / 217138 / 214
31 / 214140 / 217
33 / 228141 / 217
35 / 228142 / 228
36 / 142148 / 217
36 / 214165 / 217
70 / 72171 / 271
77 / Dragoons171 / 334
78 / 261178 / 224
78 / Dragoons214 / 279
82 / 217214 / 285
84 / 214217 / 173
86 / 214217 / 247
86 / 355217 / 248
105 / Dragoons217 / 313
107 / 322217 / 338
108 322228 / 311
109 / 322228 / Rifles
124 / Dragoons246 / 322
124 / 228249 / 304
125 / 214290 / 145
125 / 238297 / 306
127 / 228310 / 322
131 / 236339 / French
132 / 236RAF / Rifles
132 / 279

As these boxes weigh about 1.2 / 1.5 kilo and as the post office charge a flat rate for up to 2.0 kilo, the weight will be made up with individual copies of a variety of military hobby magazines, so that you get full advantage of the postage that you have to pay. No charge, my gift to you.

Putting it another way, I am going to give you FREE military hobby/history magazines to make the weight of your parcel up to just under 2kg, which is the weight that the Post Office charges for, and for which you have to pay, which to Europe, including UK is € 9.20, to the USA € 16.70, and to other destinations € 21.70.

Obviously the more boxes you purchase, the cheaper becomes the postage, per box. Up to 20kg can be sent at any one time, some 13 or 14 boxes. And you’ll still get some “make-weight” magazines, or maybe military buttons, unpainted figures, military prints, or whatever I find in my “Aladin’s cave”.

Best wishes

John Tunstill

Thursday, November 12, 2009


They say, “it never rains, but it pours”.

Two large collections of the world famous “Soldiers’ Soldiers” have come up in the last few of months.

This new collection is a unique assemblage of “mixed” boxes purchased from the Soldier Shop in Kennington Road, Lambeth, London in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and is due to arrive within the month. What a Christmas present!

These “mixed” sets were assembled some 35 years ago, all are boxes of original Soldiers’Soldiers 54mm lead-alloy figures and were purchased by a single collector over the period of some eight to ten years, and he preferred to have the large boxed sets, but with a mixture of contents. Usually bandsmen of one regiment “serenading” a contingent from another regiment.

Footguards playing to representatives of a Highland regiment. Red-jacketed Home Service helmeted line infantry of the Second Battalion, playing off their comrades of the First Battalion on route to Africa, India or Asia, in Foreign Service Helmets, solar topees, pith helmets or Improved Wolsleys. Etc., etc., etc, and all dressed in colonial kahkie; British troops playing to foreign armed forces, foreigners playing to Brits. A wonderful and individual assortment assembled with care, love and consideration some thirty or more years ago

This assemblage was only made possible because the collector visited the Soldier Shop in Kennington Road, Lambeth where the figures were painted, boxed and distributed and he was therefore able to “pick and mix” at will. A curious, individual, and absolutely unique collection, now available at only € 105.00 per box of 18 model soldiers, postage and packing extra depending on numbers and destination. There is only one of each box, all are in good clean order, mostly never unpacked, and represent an individual and new interesting facet of our hobby.

Any five boxes only € 99.00 each plus p&p,
for over 20 boxes deduct a further 10%, so only € 90 .00 each

Each order will receive one copy of a military/soldier/hobby magazine per box and also with any five boxes an original British World War II War Medal, mint, unused and in original slip packing..

Further details will be announced as soon as they become available.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Toy soldiers manufacturer in Ukraine

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing high-quality 54mm painted figures from a manufacturer in Ukraine. Our figures are 1/32 scale, 54 mm. made of an alloy of tin and metal, handmade and hand-painted. We mostly manufacture Napoleonics - Great Britain, Russia, German Duchies, Poland, Prussia, Italy, Naples, Holland, a little bit of Romans and dioramas.

Sergei Teslenko
VID Soldiers



Saturday, August 22, 2009


Due to a recent bulk purchase from the estate of a former collector, almost two hundred boxes of Soldiers’ Soldiers 54mm lead-alloy figures are now available at the very special, not to be repeated price of

ONLY €43.00 per box of 8 figures.

Postage, packing and insurance, if required, are extra.

Please list alternatives because the stock is going fast, and by the time we have swapped half a dozen emails, the next selected box, or boxes, may also well have been sold.

All of these are original boxed sets, made in London in the late 1970’s are now again available for sale for the first time in more than 20 years, at this special price.

Mainly British Army figures 1880 – 1914, and made to complement the William Britains 54mm hollow-cast metal model soldiers which were discontinued in the 1960’s. These Soldiers’ Soldiers are now the fathers, or even the grandfathers, of the more recent ranges of new “old toy soldiers”.

Some boxes are illustrated on the Soldiers’ Soldiers page of this website, www.soldierssoldiers.com.

A further discount of 2.5% is available for any five boxes,

with a 7.5% discount on any 10 boxes.

Email for full lists to jon@technet.it

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nepal's Gurkhas give hero's welcome to 'Ab Fab' star

Nepal's Gurkhas gave British actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley a hero's welcome when she landed at Kathmandu airport Sunday on her first-ever visit to the Himalayan nation. Hundreds of soldiers and their families greeted the star of TV show "Absolutely Fabulous", who spearheaded a campaign for the British army veterans to be allowed to settle in Britain.
The actress's impassioned lobbying earned her the adoration of the Gurkhas, who have described her visit as a "homecoming"."I am delighted to be here," Lumley said as she was engulfed by cheering supporters who presented her with marigold garlands and a traditional shawl.
"Ayo Gurkhali!" she shouted, echoing the soldiers' war cry that means "The Gurkhas are coming".
Britain announced in May that all Gurkha veterans who had served at least four years in the army could apply for residency after a government climb down in the face of Lumley's campaign.
"We are proud and honoured to have her in our country. She is truly a daughter of Nepal," said Krishna Kumar Rai, vice-president of the Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen's Organisation (GAESO), ahead of Lumley's arrival.
"She has done us, the British army veterans, an unforgettable favour -- she has given us justice."
During her six-day trip to Nepal, Lumley will meet the country's president and prime minister as well as visit three towns with large Gurkha communities.

Article written by AFP

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