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Soldiers' Soldiers - Boxed Sets

All figures are true 54mm, cast in lead alloy and painted in quality gloss paints. Boxes are typical long maroon cardboard boxes with card liners, and bearing any original labels. All figures march with the left foot forward. Most boxes contain an officer or NCO or musician and/or standard bearer plus six or seven soldiers, eight in total. All stock was manufactured between 1972 and prior to 1985. All figures are in mint condition, and the boxes are in good to mint condition. The stock is finite and figures will never be recast.

Unless otherwise stated all figures are of the last full dress period 1880-1914 prior to the First World War. Highlanders are Gordons.

Bandsmen boxes contain 16 figures, other boxes hold 8 figures.
When attempting to value boxed sets please bear in mind that some of the least attractive of the figures manufactured by William Britains sold in the smallest quantities. These are now the rarest figures and command premium prices. The same has undoubtedly become true of Soldiers' Soldiers in recent years.
This listing is of the boxes that were made, most are no longer available. I have some remaining boxes and I also buy at auction and from private collectors as the opportunity arises, at any one time I may have some fifty or more assorted boxes available.
Always check with me before you send cash.
Box No.   Type of Figure

  1.Infantry  MOA
  1a. South Australian Infantry
  2.Infantry  GOA
  2a. Royal Air Force
  2b. Army Service Corps
  2c. General Post Office Rifles
  2d. County of London Rifles
  3.Guardsmen MOA
  4.Infantry  MOA side cap
  4a. Royal Air Force
  4b. General Post Office Rifles
  4c. Army Service Corps
  5.Guardsmen POA
  6.Fusiliers POA
  7.Guardsmen GOA
  8.Fusiliers MOA
  9.Fusiliers GOA
 10.Riflemen  MOA
 10a. 6th Rifle Bn, King's Liverpool Regiment
 10b. 8 Bn, Linlithgow Volunteers
 10c. Royal Irish Rifles
 10d. Volunteer Bns, Royal Scots
 11.Infantry  GOM side cap
 11a. Royal Air Force
 11b. Army Service Corps
 11c. General Post Office Rifles
 12.Fusiliers MOM
 13.Infantry  MOM
 13a. Provost Corps
 14.Infantry  MOM side cap
 14a Royal Air Force
 15.Guardsmen GOM
 15a. Danish Life Guards
 16.Fusiliers POM
 17.Infantry  POM
 17a. Royal Marine Light Infantry, Boxer Rebellion
 18.Guardsmen POM
 19.Riflemen  POM
 19a. Royal Greenjackets buglers
 20.Riflemen  GOA
 20a. County of London Rifles
 20b. Royal Air Force 1920
 21.Infantry  POA
 21a. Artists Rifles
 21b South Australia Infantry
 22.Fusiliers GOE
 23.Infantry  GOA
 24.Riflemen  POA
 24a.Royal Air Force 1920
 25.Riflemen  GOE
 26.Guardsmen GOE
 27.Infantry  FSH  MOA
 27a. South Australia Infantry
 27b. French Colonial  Infantry
 28.Infantry  GOE
 29.Guardsmen MOM
 30.Riflemen  POE
 31.Infantry  GOM
 32.Fusiliers GOM
 33.Riflemen  GOM
 34.Guardsmen POE
 34a Irish Guards in khaki
34b. Welsh Guards in khaki
34c. Scots Guards in khaki
34d. Grenadier Guards in khaki
34e. Coldstream Guards in khaki
 35.Riflemen  MOM
 36.Infantry  POE
 37.Artillery/Corps GOM
53a. Grenadier Guards colour sergeants
 70.Sailors A gaiters
 70. Sailors
 71.Sailors E gaiters  CHECK WHITES BLUES
 72.Sailors M gaiters
 73.Sailors A gaiters,straw hat
 74.Sailors E gaiters,straw hat
 75.Sailors M gaiters,straw hat
 76.Guardsmen SOA great coat
 77.Guardsmen SOE great coat
 78.Guardsmen SOM great coat
 79.Fusiliers SOA great coat
 80.Fusiliers SOE great coat
 81.Fusiliers SOM great coat
 82.Fusiliers MOE
 83.Infantry  SOA great coat
 84.Infantry  SOE great coat
 85.Infantry  SOM great coat
 86.Infantry  MOE
 87.Guardsmen MOE
 88.Riflemen  MOE
 88a. 24th Middlesex (Post Office) Rifle Volunteers 1897 
 89.Riflemen  SOA great coat
 89a. Royal Air Force 1920
 90.Riflemen  SOE great coat
 91.Riflemen  SOM great coat
 91a. White Russians fur hats
 92.Infantry  FSH GOA
 92a. Post Office Rifles, Sudan
 93.Infantry  FSH  GOE
 93a. German Marine Infantry Boxer Rebellion
 94.Infantry  FSH  GOM
 94a. Royal Scots
 94b. Cameronians
 94c. King's Own Scottish Borderers
 94d. Highland Light Infantry
 95.Art/Corps GOA
 96.Art/Corps MOA
 97.Art/Corps MOM
 98.Art/Corps SOA great coat
 99.Art/Corps SOE great coat
100.Art/Corps SOM great coat
101.Sailors straw hat PO pa
102.Art/Corps POE
102a. Royal Marine Artillery 
103.Infantry  FSH MO  marching
104.Infantry  side cap POA
104a. Infantry khaki
105.Infantry  side cap GOE
105a. German Panzer Troops WWII
105b. German Luftwaffe WWII
105c. German Infantry WWII
105d. German Navy WWII
105e. German Naval Coastal Artillery WWII 
106.Infantry  side cap POM
106a. Royal Air Force
106b. West German Panzer Troops
107.Infantry  tropical helmet POA
107a.Ceylon Light Infantry Volunteers
107b.Riflemen tropical helmet
108.Infantry  trop helmet POE
108a. Royal Marines 1955
108b. German Africa Corps
108c. Royal Canadian Regiment, 1925
109.Infantry  trop helmet POM
110.Guardsmen POA great coat
111.Infantry  POA great coat
112.Fusiliers POA great coat
113.Riflemen  POA great coat
114.Art/Corps POA great coat
115.Infantry  POA great coat, side cap
115a. Royal Air Force) ?
115b. Royal Air Force)?
115c. German Panzer Troops WWII
115d. German Naval Coastal Artillery WWII
115e. German Infantry WWII
115f.  German Navy WWII  
115g. US Infantry 1918
116.Fusiliers POE great coat
117.Fusiliers POM great coat
118.Art/Corps POA
118a.Trinidad Field Artillery
118b. Royal Malta Artillery 
119.Infantry  POM peaked cap
119a. 1914 Rifle Range Party
119b. Jamaican Defence Force 1960
119c. Royal Flying Corps Funeral Party 1913
119d. Civil Service Rifles
119e. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
119f. Sandhurst cadets 1960s
119g. Royal Hong Kong Regiment 1995
120.Guardsmen PO pa
121.Fusiliers PO pa
122.Riflemen  PO pa
122a. Royal Air Force 1920 
123.Infantry  PO pa peaked cap
123a. Royal Air Force 
123b. US Marine Corps
124.Guardsmen PO slm ra
124a. British Infantry Gibraltar, fifes + drums
125.Infantry  PO slm ra
126.Fusiliers PO slm ra
127.Riflemen  PO slm ra
128.Fusiliers POE
129.Art/Corps POM
129a. Royal Marine Artillery
130.Royal Marines POA
131.Royal Marines POE
132.Royal Marines POM
133.Highlanders GOA feather bonnet
134.Highlanders GOE feather bonnet
135.Highlanders GOM feather bonnet
136.Hussars dismounted A
137.Hussars dismounted E
138.Hussars dismounted M
139.Lancers dismounted A
140.Lancers dismounted E
141.Lancers dismounted M
142.Dragoons dismounted A
142a.Governor General's Bodyguard (Canada) 1890
142b. 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 1935
143.Dragoons dismounted E
144.Dragoons dismounted M
148.Infantry POE side cap
148a. Royal Air Force)?
148b. Royal Air Force)?
164.Infantry E, shell jacket peaked cap
165.Infantry M, shell jacket peaked cap
171.Sailors E landing rig
171. Sailors 
172.Sailors M landing rig
173.Sailors E landing rig, straw hat
174.Modern infantry man A peaked cap
175.Modern infantry man A beret
175a. Paratroops
175b. Commandos
182a. Post Office Rifles (possibly)
182b. Royal Air Force
182c. US Air Service pilots 1918
214.Infantry bandsmen A
241a. Brit. Inf. in Gib, fifes + drums  ? 214?
217.Fusilier bandsmen M
222.British Officer FSH A
British Officer
224.Sailors in regulation dress A
224a. French sailors 
225.Sailors in regulation dress E
225a. French sailors 
 226.Sailors in regulation dress M
226a. French sailors 
228.Bandsmen in peaked cap A
228a. Royal Air Force  bandsmen
229.Infantry in peaked cap in greatcoat
229a. Royal Air Force
229b. Bulgarian Infantry WWI
235.Rifle bandsmen M
236.Royal Marine bandsmen slow march
236a. Royal Marines Corps of Drums
236b. Bahamas Police Band
236c. Bahamas Police Band Corps of Drums
238.Guards bandsmen slow march
241.Seated bandsmen in peaked cap
243.Seated bandsmen in guards bearskin
244.Seated sailor bandsmen in cap
245. Bandsmen in  peaked cap A
245a. USMC Corps of Drums
245b. US Army Corps of Drums
245c. Argentine Milit Sch Cadets Corps of Drums 1940s
246.Infantry in side cap MO pa
246a. Royal Air Force
247.Footguards in shell jacket and Broderick cap E
248.          ditto    M
249.          ditto    A
255.Highland bandsmen feather bonnet M
259.Infantrymen in peaked cap POA
259a. US Marine Corps
260.Infantrymen in peaked cap POE
260a. US Marine Corps
260b. Trinidad + Tobago Defence Force
260c. Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 1952 
261.Hussar bandsmen dismounted M
267.Sailor bandsmen in straw hat M
271.Sailor bandsmen in cap M
275. Royal Scots Greys dismounted band POM
279.Sikhs MOM
279a. 51st Sikhs Punjab Frontier Force 
279b. 53rd Sikhs Punjab Frontier Force
279c. Ferrozepore Sikhs
260d. Ludhiana Sikhs
282.Gurkha bandsmen at attention
283a. Gurkha Medical Unit
284.Gurkha MOA
284a. Gurkha 1890
285.Indian cavalrymen dismounted E
286.Rifle bandsmen seated
287.Infantry bandsmen seated
288.Royal Marine bandsmen seated
289.Seated bandsmen Artillery/Corps
290. Dragoon dismounted band POM
291.Seated sailor bandsmen in straw hat
292.Seated bandsmen bare headed
297.Sikh bandmen marching
297a. 14th Ludhiana Sikhs, pipes + drums
304.Lancer bandsmen slow march
306.Highlanders in feather bonnet MOM                                   
307.Highlanders in FSH MOM
307a. Black Watch
307b. Gordon Highlanders
307c. Cameron Highlanders
307d. Black Watch, Sudan
310.Highlanders in feather bonnet PO pa
311.Highlanders in FSH MO pa
311a. Cameron Highlanders
311b. Seaforth Highlanders
311c. Gordon Highlanders
311d. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
311e. Cameron Highlanders, Sudan
311f. Black Watch
312.Highlanders in feather bonnet MOA
313.Highlanders in feather bonnet MO pa
314.Scots fusiliers MOM
315.Infantry in FSH MO pa
319.Infantry in tropical helmets PO pa
320.Seated bandsmen in pill box hat
322.Infantry bandsmen in trop helmet M
322a. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1930 
326.Lifeguards dismounted A
327.Modern policeman E
328.Yeoman warder M
329.Gurkha in GOA
330.Rajput A
330a. 12th Rifles, Indian Army
331.Indian cavalrymen dismounted E
332.Guards of San Marino M
332. Guards of San Marino
333.London Volunteers 1798 A
334.Dervish warrior attacking
335.Roman soldiers M full impedimenta
337.Turkish Zouaves
337a. West India Regiment
338.French line infantrymen MOM
338a. French Foreign Legion
339.French line infantrymen in steel helmet MOM
340.French marines MOM
340. French marines
341.Colonial line infantryman wide-awake hat GOM
342.Russian line infantrymen GOM
343.Indian line infantrymen GOM
343a. Sikh stretcher party 
344.Austrian line infantrymen kepi MOM
347. German Infantry 1914-15
349.French colonial infantrymen MOM
349a. Senegalese infantry
350.Belgian Grenadiers bearskin cap MOM
351.Belgian light infantrymen MOM
351a. Belgian carabinieri
353.United States line infantrymen in steel helmet MOM
354.United States marines MOM
355.Zulu warriors standing at ease with spear or rifle and shield
356.Wounded man on stretcher; sets of three pieces available for many figures
described "MOM"
358. British Souvenir Figures
... King George V investiture parade
There is also a list available of some of the mistakes we made when producing Soldiers' Soldiers, wrong numbers, wrong heads,arms etc., plus some background information on the business; see "Teecus".