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Toy soldiers and wargame figures are often called zinnfiguren, soldatini in piombo, soldat de plomb or soldaditos de plomo by our European cousins. However whatever you do call them, hopefully we will have them!

Model Style Guide:
P = Parade, G = Guard, M = Marching, E = At Ease, A = At Attention, O = Order

Updates from Soldiers Soldiers

55 Days in Peking - 2 of 3

The Background:

The Eight-Nation Alliance was an international military coalition set up in response to the Boxer Rebellion in China.

In the summer of 1900, the international legations in Beijing were besieged by Boxer rebels supported by the Qing government, the coalition dispatched their armed forces, to defend their respective nations' citizens, the incident ended with a coalition victory and the signing of the Boxer Protocol.

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    Britain's figures

    Britain's Lead Toy Soldiers

    Original Britain's figures, medical corps, mule teams, 4.7 howitzers, naval field guns, Grenadier Guards, Seaforth Highlanders, Zulus, Bombay Lancers, Skinner's Horse, Bikanier Camel Corps, French Foreign Legion, Zouaves, American Civil War, West Indians, South Australian Horse, Scots Greys, Hussars, Lancers, Fusiliers, Life Guards, Imperial Yeomanry, City Imperial Volunteers, and many, many others.

    Postage Stamps

    Postage Stamps, Coins,  Paper Money & Other Ephemera

    Postage Stamps, Coins, Paper Money & Other Ephemera.

    THOUSANDS MORE AVAILABLE + 50,000 postage stamps - email me your interests!

    Militaria and Medals

    Military Decorations

    Origins of the Species

    Britain's Toy Soldier Figures

    The first examination of the illustrative evidence used by William Britain and his workforce when creating their famous range of figures some hundred year's ago in North London. Each figure and accompanying artwork, taken from original contemporary sources.

    "A unique addition to the fascinating study of the original toy soldiers".

    Military Prints

    Blei Soldaten

    Vanity Fair Prints

    Vanity Fair prints

    Vintage Postcards

    French Zouaves Boxer

    Cartoline d'Epoca, postcards, prints, posters, Vanity Fair

    Wargame Figures

    National Army Museum Figures

    Thousands of 25mm wargame figures made some 30 years ago, Hinchliffe, Minifigs and others. Painted and unpainted, and some 20 and 25mm figures, Suren Stadden etc.

    Soldiers' Soldiers

    Household Cavalry in Bearskin hats Lead Soldiers

    Full listings of Tunstill's range of Soldiers' Soldiers figures produced between 1977-1986 in Lambeth, London. Several hundred figures of the Victorian full dress period. Including Foot Guards, Highlanders, Line infantry, Royal Marines, Corps and Artillery.

    World of Model Soldiers

    The book, almost published in 1979, is now on this site. History and details of the Soldier Shop in Lambeth, London, near the Imperial War Museum. Details of figures made for the National Army Museum as well as the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.

    Chapter 1. Early Model Soldiers

    John's Girls

    75mm, about 3", lead-alloy erotic figures, made by Soldiers' Soldiers in the 1970's in their factory in London. A recently discovered collection of these amazing figures has recently been discovered and they are available in kit form, assembled and under-coated or painted. Illustrated lists only available to over 21's, the 18+ year-olds are just too young for this type of entertainment! Email to jon@technet.it