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prima guerra figurini - first world war figure

ejercito johilco dinky lead soldier
india highland metal soldier

Magazines & Newspapers


Armies and Weapons magazinemilitary print - lead toyBattle magazinemilitar miniatura plomo modellistaArmy Historical Research - Journal
  pre-1959 1960/69 1970/79 1980/89
After the Battle
WWII sites revisited
- - €4.00 -
Agrupacion de Miniaturistas Militares de Espana, Spanish language military history journal with many loose plates. - €8.00 €7.00 -

Magazine for plastic modellers, military kits, details and wargaming.

€7.00 €6.00 €5.00 €4.00
Antique Arms/Militaria
International magazine for collectors and trade.
- - €4.00 €3.00
Antique Toy World
U S magazine for toy collectors throughout the world.
all issues €6.00
Armed Forces
Latest facts on current arms and armour.
- - €7.00 €6.00
Armies and Weapons
(Ground Defence International) posters each €6.00
The international magazine of armies and weapons.
1-10 €9.00 11-20 €8.00 21-30 €7.00 31-40 €6.00
Army Historical Research
Journal of the above learned society.
€8.00 €7.00 €6.00 €5.00
Monthly magazine for historical military enthusiasts.
- - - €7.00
Journal of the Naval Wargames society.
all issues €5.00
Battles of the Nineteenth Century
Cassell's weekly part work, published 1895.
all issues €6.00
The journal of the Horse and Musket Society.
  €3.00 €2.00  
British Empire
Time-Life weekly part work.
all issues €6.00
British Model Soldier Society Bulletin
journal of world's oldest model soldier society
€7.00 €6.00 €5.00 €4.00
Antique Toy Worldgrenadier lead metal tin figureAntique Arms and Militariarichard simpkin toy soldierAirfix Magazine (Small)
U S publication, where military history is a hobby.
- - - €9.00
Danish language military journal.
all issues €4.00
Crown Imperial
Journal, Society for the study of the history of the forces of the crown.
all issues €6.00
Journal of the Scottish military collectors society.
all issues €4.00
Flag to Pretoria (published 1890's)
Weekly account of the Boer War.
all issues €15.00
Flying Review International
Mainly military aircraft, 1960's and 70's.
all issues €3.00
Fragments from France
Bruce Bairnsfather's WWI drawings of "Old Bill"
all issues €25.00
Great War (pub.'14/'18)
Winston Churchill's part work history.
all issues €4.00
Journal of the miniature figure collectors of America.
all issues €3.00
Guns and Ammo
U S magazine, mainly sporting guns but some military interest.
all issues €2.00
Guns Review
Sporting gun magazine.
all issues €3.00
History of the First World War
Purnell's fully illustrated part work
all issues €10.00
History of WWII (Purnell)
As above but WWII.
all issues €7.00
International Defence Review
Magazine for promoting arms sales.
all issues €10.00
Military Chest
The armed forces, past, present...and future.
all issues €5.00
Military Collectors' Club
Canadian journal for collectors.
all issues €3.00
Military Enthusiast
German magazine, in English, mainly modern air warfare.
all issues €6.00
Military History of Texas and the Southwest
U S quarterly military history magazine.
all issues €6.00
Military Modelling
The most popular of military hobby magazines.
- - - €8.00
Military Modeller (USA)
U S upmarket model hobby production.
- - - €10.00
After the Battle Magazine54mm 75mm metal toy soldierAgrupacionmodelli modelling modellismoAirfix (Large)
Miniature Manoeuvres
U S magazine for military hobby enthusiasts
all issues €3.00
Miniature Warfare
The first wargame magazine distributed by the trade.
- - - €5.00
Miniature Wargames
Monthly magazine for the discerning wargamer.
all issues €4.00
Modellers' World
Some soldiers but mainly cars and trucks.
all issues €4.00
Model Maker
Boats, planes, ships and trains.
all issues €3.00
Model Soldier
For military modellelers and wargamers.
- - - €4.00
Model World
Almark publication for modellers and enthusiasts.
- - - €7.00
Navy & Army Illustrated, (pub. pre 1900)
Original Victorian journal depicting the British Victorian army in photographs.
all issues €25.00
Old Toy Soldier Newsletter
U S collectors journal.
all issues €8.00
Parade (pub.1940/45)
Illustrated British forces newspaper.
all issues €5.00
Pictorial history of the Great War
Weekly illustrated partwork, pub.WWI.
all issues €3.00
Scale Models
Mainly military modelling magazine.
- - - €7.00
Signal (pub.WWII)
German Army weekly picture magazine French issues, in French language.
all issues €15.00
Journal of the society of ancients.
€4.00 €3.00 €2.00 €2.00
British Army magazine.
€5.00 €4.00 €3.00 €2.00
Soldiers of the Queen
Journal of the Victorian Military Society.
all issues €4.00
The journal for simulation gaming.
all issues €4.00
Sword and Lance
For all military enthusiasts.
all issues €6.00
Texas Military History
Journal of the National Guard Association of Texas.
all issues €4.00
Journal of the international society of military collectors.
from €8.00 to €60.00 per copy.
Issues 1-31 €10.00 each. 32-76 €8.00 each.
Journal of the national capital military collectors.
all issues €3.00
Vivat Hussar
French language magazine of the Hussar museum, Tarbes.
all issues €6.00
Wargamer's Newsletter
Monthly magazine for fighting battles with model soldiers.
- €3.00 €2.00 €2.00
Weapons and Warfare
Purnell's illustrated encyclopedia of weapons and warfare.
all issues €4.00
World Models
General interest with good military content.
all issues €3.00
World War II (Orbis)
Weekly part work
all issues €4.00

Boxed civilian respirator British WWII €25.00.
British WWI Lancer stable belt yellow and red stripes €20.00.
British WWII spike bayonet and scabbard €15.00.
R A F 1960's peaked cap, boxed €25.00.
British WWII WAR medal, mint, in original envelope €10.00.

BRITISH ROYALTY, books and magazines.
VANITY FAIR, Spy Cartoons.
SOLDIERS, OLD & NEW, 20mm - 75mm.
POST & CIGARETTE CARDS, mainly military.


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